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In front of the sea, in S’Aragó. Seafood cuisine since 1920.

In the bay of Sant Pol S’Agaró, offering seafood cuisine since 1920, La Taverna del Mar is an idyllic place in the Costa Brava. It has a main room and a terrace, with an idyllic seafront balcony. Iconic “Banys de S’Agaró” and its color palette inspired thousands of photographers and instagrammers. In the year 1929, the restaurant ‘baños de S’Aragó’ was created and was used as an annexe for its bar, which was part of the first terrace of the building of Baños.

Few years after, this same terrace burnt during a winter night of 1935, and Folguera was in charge of building in this same place the actual Taverna del Mar which was inaugurated on sunday 19th of july in 1936. As the time passed and with the help of Sr. Ensesa Montsalvarge, son of the founder, La Taverna del Mar, became a reference for its excellent location and attractive touristic offer. After his passing, the ownership of La Taverna del Mar passed to his daughters Julia, Virgina and Carina, who finally took the wheels of the projects in 2014. By honoring the history of this family, they went for an elegant and quality project. To do so, they chose the designer Lázaro Rosa Violán. The decorative project was conducted with very clear directives on the aspect of La taverna del Mar, by respecting in every moment its origin and location.

Nowadays, La Taverna del Mar is known for the quality of its offer. In the kitchen, with the chef Lluís Planas at the front, the main subject is the wild fish, the rices and seafood of the mediterranean coast. On the outside terrace, a small dish menu is offered from breakfast to lunch appetizers and a selection of tapas during the evening, perfect after a good bath. During the evening, the recent inauguration of ‘Chill-out’ will open one more year, with the best view of the bay se D’Aragó, which can be enjoyed with a variety of cocktails and drinks seafront and with the best chilled music.




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