From 1.30pm to 3pm and 8pm to 10pm

Michelin starred restaurant. Located in the center of Barcelona.

The culinary creations of Caelis chef, Romain Fornell, and his team, is contemporary and avant-garde, reinterpreting tradition. Daring, passion and balance define him. Caelis is a restaurant with three tasting menus, one of which is vegetarian. In addition at lunchtime from Wednesday to Saturday, a lunch menu is proposed, Caelis Menu (60 euros, VAT incl) and changing on a weekly basis. The space has two different areas: on one hand, the room, which can accommodate up to 28 guests distributed in tables of different sizes (maximum of 8). On the other hand, it has a kitchen around where a Chef’s table is available in the shape of a “U”, with high chairs, for up to 14 more people, who will see everything happening live after the stove. Besides there is a private room, Caelis Privé, where guests can host private lunches or dinners with dishes prepared and presented by our team of Chefs, interacting and chatting with the diners.

Caelis Privé can also be used for show cooking sessions and master classes. The room features an large screen showing everything that is going on in the Caelis kitchen in real time, for a unique experience. The space seats up to 28 diners, and minimum 15 diners, at one long table. Romain Fornell opened the doors of Caelis in 2004 and, a year later, obtained a Michelin star. In 2014 Caelis was chosen as Gold Standard Restaurants 2014 by Conde Nast Traveler. In 2017, Caelis moves to the Hotel Ohla Barcelona. The change of location is also an important event in its gastronomic journey as it became more contemporary. This Michelin star continues to light up our tables, and is synonymous with our renewed excitement. Possibility of privatizing the entire restaurant, in its entirety. The restaurant and the gastronomic offer are not suitable for young children.




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